About Me

Hi there. So you've found me. A little bit about me:

I have a number of different hobbies and I've tried to structure my life so that I can make my living through my hobbies. The bulk of my professional time is spent running Clear Stage Search Marketing. Clear Stage is a company I started in 2000 with it's focus being on helping companies of all sizes construct a online path to reach potential customers. This includes website design and the overall marketing strategies, but also taking a look at some of the higher level processes.

My other professional passion is college sports and my outlet is CollegeSportsInfo.com. I started the site as a hobby back in 1999 on another server, and it was originally just a collection of urls to different NCAA school message boards. There wasn't a single directory like this, so people soon started linking to it. The other area of the site is the Conference Realignment News and College Sports Forums. For years, there were many college sports fans who enjoyed speculating on NCAA conference changes, but there wasn't a single place to discuss all the conferences. So the forums were created to give such a platform to the fans. And the news section of the site provides constant updates on the conference changes.

As for everything else about me, take a look at the Contact page and learn more...

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