Thursday, January 1, 2009


What is "Kill Your TV"?'s nothing revolutionary.

The "Kill Your TV" posts on this blog are just a collection of videos I've watched recently. In order to keep what I've viewed organized and be able to quickly go back to them, I chose to keep them in a blog format.

But in addition to the basic organizational purpose, the philosophy of what I'm watching (and the medium) is straight forward: I chose to cancel my DirecTV service and don't plan on replacing it this year. In preparation for a move overseas, I sold virtually all of my belongings including my DirecTV receiver, figuring I'd start over with most of the belongings I thought I needed. The move overseas has since fallen through.

So as a minimalist, I've chosen thus far to pass on buying anything new in regards to entertainment. My rationale being that I rarely watch anything live other than sports. I have quite a large library of TV and movie files on my computer, but for some time now, I've found streaming to be just as easy for anything new that's on. In fact, when I was recording on DVR, there was still the work and time put into skipping through the commercials (that sounds incredibly lazy). With the streaming versions, you get (3) 30 second commercials to deal with. I've also found that with some of the streaming services, the HD stream is similar quality to anything I had been recording. And one would be surprised at how little work is takes to find shows and movies available online for streaming that you wouldn't find on the standard network websites. And at times when I can't find a stream, I turn to torrents.

So in the end, Kill Your TV is just an experiment with it's roots being convenience. What I'm doing on here is simply providing daily updates as to the quick videos, full episodes and movies I've watched and a link to the source when available.


You'll see a basic 6 star rating system for each video I link to.

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