Monday, November 2, 2020

Something to consider this #electionday. The #unitedstates, and #americans such as myself are the first to say we are the best country in the world. But to be the best, we have to strive for more. We need to be on this list one day. There is no reason why nearly all of our allies as well as nations that some political parties like to look down on, are all providing the most basic essential right as a citizen: health. I’ll tell you a story about my time using healthcare abroad. I can start by saying it was better than anything I experienced living in the United States. It was humbling. I used the national healthcare system in Spain and it was flawless for what I needed. Even better were the times I used a combined plan with my private insurance in Spain. My monthly premiums were about $120. In return, my son was born in one of the best hospitals in Spain, we were there for about a week, and it cost $0. Nothing. Free. 9 months of doctor visits for $0. Many of you would assume that by having such a healthcare system in place must mean I was paying much more in taxes. You would be incorrect. The percentage of taxes I paid in Spain from my income working full-time job for a company in Spain was the same percentage as the taxes I paid at the same time to the IRS for my consulting work for a US company. Taxes were the same. Roads get built in countries with universal healthcare. School systems are funded in these countries, and tend to rank higher than the US system. “Pre-existing conditions” do not exist in most cases. It’s called your “health history”. You are treated the same regardless of any genetic or environmental health issue you have. You never have to “switch” insurance due to moving to a new job because no other nation is placing the responsibility of healthcare on an employer. Just imagine you’re from a different country than the US and think how alien it would be to think that the restaurant you work at is supposed to be covering your healthcare costs. It’s Election Day tomorrow and no matter who you vote for, things will not change regarding US healthcare. They won’t change until the people of the United States demand it. — view on Instagram

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