Sunday, August 15, 2021

False claims of domestic violence, child abuse, and child rape. This has been my life for 3 years as I fight for my sons rights to have a relationship with his father. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CLAIMS = CHILEAN DIVORCE: DIVORCE DID NOT EXIST IN CHILE UNTIL 2004. So the way to end marriages in Chile until 2004, fully recommended and practiced by Chilean lawyers, was for the wife to falsely accuse the husband of domestic violence. This was how a marriage was ended in Chile. Lawyers practicing law prior to the 2004 law change still adhere to this practice. This is not a conspiracy theory, nor speculation…this is fact. Mothers in Chile have a collective 99.9% custody rate of children. Again, this is not an exaggeration, it is a fact. And in cases when the father is a foreigner, they have 100% custody. JOINT CUSTODY IS NOT LEGAL IN CHILE. You read they correctly. One parent has custody, the other gets “visits”. Mothers have 99.9% of custody. Fathers have no rights. Note that the amount I pay in Child Support is equal to 1-month of my ex’s salary. This is my reality. I haven’t seen Alexander since March 6, 2021. I’m haven’t spoken to him since early July and the calls are pointless as my ex will only allow the calls when she’s playing with him or he’s watching TV. She permits me to be an observer only these past 3 years. What I am going through is a reality for many fathers. Please hold your children tightly, show them love, and for those of you reading this who are divorced, please, please do what is best for your child. A child needs the love from both of their parents. Going out of your way to hurt the person you married and failed with as a couple ONLY harms the child. Don’t hurt your children. Love them. Encourage them to have strong bonds with the other parent. That is something we all signed up for as parents: to put our children first. So please, support fathers’ rights — view on Instagram

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