Friday, October 15, 2021

See You Soon, Alexander

Alexander, I never thought I would ever have to write this to you. But I need to take a little break and see friends and family.

I’m visiting your other country, the US, to spend time with your grandparents and friends. I hope one day you are able to meet your grandparents as they love you so. 

While I’m away, you might be told that I left you or I gave up on you. Don’t ever believe that. I will never give up on you, my little boy.

It’s just that these past 3 years of fighting for your rights has taken a toll on me. And not seeing you since February has been crushing. I’m very sad being away from you.

So I need a little break to try to feel better. 

I’ll be with your grandparents in Cape Cod, MA in October and then spend a couple weeks visiting with friends in NY and PA. 

I won’t be with you for Thanksgiving this year, so I’m going out to Montana for fresh air and to be with my friends. Malia will enjoy playing with the horses and cows. 

So Malia will be with me and she misses you very much. She still thinks you ride in a stroller, so she runs up to all of them thinking you are there.

I love you, Alexander, and I’ll share lots of photos of Malia while we travel. 

But know that even if I’m not fighting for your rights in person in Chile, I’m still doing it these next 2 months but from the US. 

You are my world, Alexander. The love of my life. Don’t ever think otherwise no matter what people tell you.


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