Monday, April 24, 2023

Parental Alienation Awareness Day (2023)

Tomorrow, April 25th, is parental alienation awareness day.

I’m putting this out there now a day early, because tomorrow I have to focus on the cause.

This is my son Alexander. He was born in January 2016 in Barcelona. We return to Chile in January 2018. For the next nine months, I ended my career and close down my business, so that I could be a stay at home dad, and raise my son.

I had stayed in my marriage for Alexander’s first two years, because I was constantly threatened with my wife, taking him away from me.

I dealt with a regular domestic violence against me in addition to the threats that she would take him away from me.

But I stayed. I did everything I could to keep the marriage going, that I had known for seven years that I should’ve left.

But you make sacrifices for your child.

And in September 2018, my now ex-wife started the divorce, specifically, with the intent of not allowing me contact with my son.

For the past five years, I’ve been fighting with parental alienation. 

I’ve had at least 20 court cases, covering everything from false allegations of domestic violence, when I was the recipient for many years… court cases to block my ex-wife from moving to other countries with my son, trials for visitation rights, and more trials against false allegations.

On March 4, 2021, the court appointed family. Therapist recommended that my son finally start sleeping over on the weekends at our home. This was after three years of sparse contact. 

My ex-wife told the family therapist she would not let this happen. So 24 hours later, despite me securing myself by having a guarantor (licensed child advocate), my ex-wife opted to accuse me of sexual molestation of my son.

As this is still in court since March 2021, and it’s now April 2023, I have not seen my son since that day.

April 25 might seem like just a regular day for all of you. But for way too many of us fathers, parental alienation awareness day, is a reminder of what we suffer every day.

It’s hard enough when you’ve lived your entire life, expecting to raise your children. But when the other biological parent, goes out of their way to try to remove you from your child’s life, words cannot explain.

And people don’t really understand either.

If my son was kidnapped by a stranger, people would be connecting with me daily, all of us victims of custodial interference. But because the assailant is a biological parent, people just don’t react the same way.

So that’s what parental alienation is. It’s the attempts to be removed from your child’s life, when, in fact, you are the victim, and nobody really understands.

Even worse, those people connected to the alienating parent do next to nothing to asssit their grandchild, nephew or cousin because they opt not to get “involved”, while knowing their lack of action is harming the child.

And for many fathers, we make the sacrifice to live in a foreign country and fight for our children’s rights for a father, even if it means giving up prosperity.

That’s my story.

And that’s the short version. You will find all the details in my feed and my blog at

April 25 is parental alienation awareness day. I hope you all take a moment tomorrow to educate yourself about what that actually is I’ll be posting today, and while with every post I’ll be thinking about my sweet baby Alexander, I’ll have to put it aside to try to help all the other fathers going through what I’m going through. It’s going to be a hard day for all of us. 

Learn more about parental alienation at and please donate to


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