Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unintended Facebook Sabbatical

So I've been a slacker with Facebook. Since I moved the Facebook app to the 4th screen on my iPhone last year, I never have the need to visit. I have Facebook email notifications shut off, so I rarely have any stimulus to use the app, nor Facebook via the computer. And with Pidgin IM, I have Facebook "chat" online with all the other services...but still no need to login to Facebook.

Thanks to the wonders of Twitterfeed and some other online programs, I have a pretty good setup: my blog posts are pinged to Twitter and then Twitter posts the articles to Facebook (status). When someone replys to a blog post (as a Facebook status update), I get a special notification and an interface to respond to status responses that bypasses Facebook. A ton of people already use services like Twitterfeed for their blog RSS feeds, but not many seem to be using their own programs that allow them to only get Facebook status responses to certain feeds. For some of the high traffic site owners, I recommend taking the time to program one.

So there's my deep dark secret: I don't use Facebook. So now I have over 100 messages to go through. Fun. My apologies for not getting back to you earlier if you sent me a message.


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