Friday, August 21, 2009

Driving past "Cowshwitz" on I-5?

Here's a tip for combating that awful stench. If you've ever done the LA to SF/SF to LA drive on I-5, you know the place just from the dreadful smells of death. Welcome to Harris Ranch, AKA "Cowshwitz".

So if you don't have the luxury of taking RTs 1 or 101, here's a tip that avoids holding your breathe for 5 minutes as you pass through. Conventional air fresheners just won't cut it. But one method that will work is the same one that drug smugglers have used for years to throw off the dogs: coffee.

It doesn't require brewing a cup of coffee while driving or grinding beans. You just need to obtain a single cup coffee/filter pack and keep it in the glove box (has anyone in SoCal ever kept gloves in the "glove box"?). If you don't want to buy one, simply stop at one of the Extended Stay type of hotels on your trip, go into one of the rooms opened for the housekeepers, and grab one. Then it's as simple as putting it next to your AC vent, enjoying the fresh smell of coffee beans and forgetting the cow holocaust going on outside.


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