Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food from Montevideo, Uruguay


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Posted: 07 Nov 2011 11:57 AM PST
Took a two night weekend trip to Montevideo to grab a few things I've long craved, with seafood at the top of the list. Despite it's location near the Atlantic, Buenos Aires is as far from a "seafood city" as you can get. Yet not far away in Montevideo, Uruguay, you'll find that beef and parrilla are still king, but also lots of great seafood options. But even when in a city with better seafood, you can't fully bypass trying the excellent parrilla options...and of course a chivito of two. Not to be forgotten...we also included a trip to one of my favorite German restaurants.

Grilled meats from Estancia del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay

Parrilla Mariscos Mixto: shrimp, pulpo, calamari, corvina, salmon, zucchini, potato, squash, red and yellow bell peppers from Rara Avis, Montevideo, Uruguay

The national food of Uruguay...the Chivito. One of the greatest sandwiches on the planet consisting of bife de lomo, lechuga, tomate, juevos, queso and usually jamon y panceta:
Chivito from Chiviteria Marcos, Montevideo
, Uruguay

Pez de espada con papas natual from El Peregrino, Montevideo, Uruguay

Apple pancake with rum flambe with vanilla ice cream from El Peregrino, Montevideo, Uruguay

Grilled swordfish with boiled potatoes and sauteed onions and peppers from El Peregrino, Montevideo, Uruguay

Costilla ahumada con papas Suiza y pure de manzanas from one of my favorite German restaurants,  Dackel, Montevideo, Uruguay. Easily the greatest pork chop I've ever had!

And another shot: Costilla ahumada con papas Suiza y pure de manzanas from one of my favorite German restaurants,  Dackel, Montevideo, Uruguay. Easily the greatest pork chop I've ever had!

Always good to get a quality dark dunkel beer...

Salchicha y medio-medio (half champagne, half white wine) from Estancia del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay

Caprese salad from Dackel, Montevideo, Uruguay


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