Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Hack #1: Use a Credit Card, Not Cash

Life Hack: 

When making a purchase of a tangible item of reasonable value, always use a credit card.

Consumer Protection: The idea of always using a credit card might seem moot to many who already do so as a routine out of pure convenience. But when you use a credit card, you are getting some consumer protection. Say you spend $100 cash on clothes and forget the bags in a taxi. Most of the time, the store receipt is placed in the shopping bag with the bought items. So now, you've lost the clothes you purchased and you have no proof you bought them. But if you have the charge on your credit card, you can always report the items lost or stolen. And for most, that will mean a refund in some form.

There is also of course the benefit of using a credit card to gain reward points from various credit card companies. If you are traveling often or even just purchasing often, using a credit card to get points could mean a free plane ticket.

So next time you head out with a pocket full of cash, save it for things like bars, restaurants and taxis. Then if you have any new purchases lost or stolen, you won't have to eat the bill.


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