Friday, December 24, 2021

I was hoping to be strong, and just block out a Christmas without Alexander, by ignoring Christmas completely. My annual excitement of decorating the home and planning menus, upping my gifts from last year to balance out “wants” versus “connection” gifts. It’s always been a precious time spiritual for me regardless of if I was with my family, my son or 12/24th traditions with Chris and Tom. It’s always been transparent that this trip has been a “walkabout”, a chance to take a breathe. On top of that, It’s also been about preparing for the holiday season and building up my emotional strength. I knew I shouldn’t be alone as it would be torturing myself. So I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to visit my parents in Cape Cod, and be with family right now. Knowing I won’t see or speak to Alexander today or tomorrow has been a tough mountain to prepare the climb. For everyone out there that I’ve seen or chatted with since arriving here on 10/16, thank you for the support. Your connections have been the fuel to help me tackle today and tomorrow! So I hope everyone has a happy holiday. And for all of those who will be doing all the cooking for the household, alone, I’m with you there in spirit! And to all those who’s holiday travel plans have been effected by flight cancellations, my best to you. It’s terrible for everyone after the past 2 years. I’m especially thinking about all those single fathers flying to get to see their children for the first time in weeks or months for Christmas, and will end up missing that honor as a parent. Way to kill the buzz, Matt. Enjoy your holidays! Miss ya Chris, Tom and Kathy and the rest of the Graney clan! — view on Instagram

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